New Article About Nutrition Risk and Food Insecurity

New Article About Nutrition Risk and Food Insecurity

February 28, 2022


An article by Dr. Monica Esquivel about food insecurity interventions being key means to improve nutrition status (and thereby reduce risk for or treat malnutrition) was recently published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. Titled, “Addressing Food Insecurity to Optimize Nutritional Status,” Dr. Esquivel argues for the importance of addressing food insecurity to improve health outcomes for the most vulnerable populations and the need to increase insurance coverage for such interventions—such as through Medicaid waivers, which are increasingly used for this purpose. Implementing and evaluating such initiatives is also a priority for many of our Learning Collaborative members, Advisory Committee members, and other partners, and the MQii leadership team is actively working to help identify and engage with partners to support their broader implementation.

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