COVID-19 Resources for the MQii

COVID-19 Resources for the MQii
Last Updated on February 1, 2023

Orgain Podcast: The Impact of Nutrition on COVID-19 with Dr. William W. Li

Dr. Li discusses how diet and nutrition can support the body’s health defense systems against disease and potentially assist in prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

Nutrition & COVID-19 Evidence Tracker

The Nutrition and COVID-19 Evidence Tracker represents the living evidence base which underpins research related to Nutrition and COVID-19. The evidence is organized by thematic area based on a food systems approach which considers the wider determinants of health.

Nutrition and COVID-19 Recovery Knowledge Hub

  • Resources for adults recovering from COVID-19 and the adults supporting them, such as information about how diet can affect recovery and how to find and work with a dietitian to support recovery
  • Resources for healthcare professionals involved in the care of adults with COVID-19 infection, such as recommended tools that assist in monitoring recovery and references that can be shared with the public

Dietitian Connection COVID-19 Resources for Dietitians

  • Tools for working remotely
  • Information about critical care and telehealth
  • Information for consumers/patients
  • Recent webinar about nutrition support practices for ICU patients with COVID-19

Recent Podcast on COVID-19 and Nutrition

Dr. Paul Wischmeyer, member of the MQii Advisory Committee, was recently interviewed about his work in nutrition and indirect calorimetry during the COVID-19 pandemic on the Healthy Conversations podcast, hosted by dietitian Omy Naidoo.

ASPEN COVID-19 Resources

  • Up-to-date nutrition recommendations and clinical guidelines
  • Information about nutrition support
  • Recordings of recent webinars

ANHI Nutrition and Immunity Podcast Series

  • Ongoing podcast series about nutrition and immunity, including four specifically about COVID-19

ANHI Nutrition and Immunity Special Report

  • Newsletter including infographics, video, and podcast series

DMT COVID-19 Resources

  • Responses to FAQs related to food access, social isolation, etc., including links to pertinent programs, organizations, and reports
  • Resources from state-specific community organizations and government agencies
  • Press release

Nestlé Heath Science COVID-19 Medical Hub

  • Overview of nutrition recommendations and webinars about enteral nutrition support, including related tools
  • Malnutrition screening and intervention pathway
  • Links to additional resource pages

Dietitians on Demand COVID-19 Resource Hub

  • ICU nutrition interventions highlights
  • Adjusting to new telehealth practices
  • Preparing long-term care facilities for survey

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