New Article About Malnutrition Screening in National Surveys

New Article About Malnutrition Screening in National Surveys

May 31, 2021


Gahche et al. recently published a paper about current and potential future measures in national surveys that could better assess risk of undernutrition and frailty. In “Opportunities for Adding Undernutrition and Frailty Screening Measures in US National Surveys,” the authors analyzed protocols of 8 national US surveys (eg, NHANES, Medicare Health Outcomes Survey) to determine which surveys collected data related to measures of these conditions. Examples of such measures include unintentional weight loss, appetite loss, and food security. The authors found that the surveys include only very limited measures that can help assess risk for these conditions. Therefore, they concluded that adding screening measures that are already included in popular screening tools could help improve prevalence estimates of these conditions and strategies for reducing them.

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