Update About MQii Learning Collaborative Data Collection

Update About MQii Learning Collaborative Data Collection

December 5, 2022


The MQii leadership team has decided to pause data collection and performance report generation for Tier 1 members (i.e., data-sharing members) in 2023. We will instead devote that time to developing materials and hosting trainings/webinars about the GMCS for both the RDN audience as well as other stakeholder audiences (e.g., hospital administrators). You can see everything we have produced thus far on the “GMCS for IQR” page on the MQii website now and we will continue to add recordings of events and new materials over the coming months. Note that for all Learning Collaborative members with active participation contracts through 2022, we will receive your Q4 data and send your Q3/Q4 2022 performance benchmark reports and Q4 2022 performance feedback reports according to this timeline (unless we communicate otherwise).

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