Update About Minor Issue with GMCS Measure Logic

Update About Minor Issue with GMCS Measure Logic

October 23, 2023


The MQii leadership team has realized, through the most recent Annual Update cycle, that there is a small issue with the Global Malnutrition Composite Score (GMCS) logic that will need to be fixed. That was posted on the eCQI Resource Center website on 10/19, in the “Notes” column for the GMCS. The measure observation (MO) logic in MO2, MO3, and MO4 is missing the requirement that the valid encounter contains a “Malnutrition Risk Screening At Risk Result” or an ordered “Hospital Dietitian Referral”; this may result in erroneously high performance scores not aligned with measure intent or a true measurement of performance.​ The Academy and Avalere (measure steward and developer, respectively) have recommended the resolution to implement the current measure version (CMS986v2) following the sequence of steps in the Desired Logic Pathway for GMCS document available in the dashboard.

Note that this is information pertinent to EHR vendors and measure developers and it only impacts the way the measure logic is set up. Importantly, it does not impact a hospital’s ability to report on the measure or the care provided and documented by nutrition care teams.

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