New Publication About COVID-19 and Malnutrition

New Publication About COVID-19 and Malnutrition

June 6, 2022


A recent article in Nutrients, titled “Malnutrition Increases Hospital Length of Stay and Mortality among Adult Inpatients with COVID-19,” provided the first data showing poorer health outcomes among malnourished patients with COVID-19 . Analyzing data from 4,311 patients in Johns Hopkins-affiliated hospitals, the authors aimed to determine if malnutrition is an independent risk factor for prolonged length of hospital stay and mortality among COVID-19 patients. They found that COVID-19 patients who were older, male, or had lower BMIs had a higher likelihood of mortality; patients with malnutrition were 76% more likely to die and have a 105% longer hospital length of stay; and 12.9% of COVID-19 patients were diagnosed with malnutrition and ICU patients with COVID-19 and malnutrition in were associated with an 87.9% increased length of stay. These findings provide importance evidence showing the negative impacts of malnutrition on this patient population, adding further justification for improving identification and treatment of malnutrition to minimize negative outcomes.

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