Call for Data: Submit Performance Data by 7/31 to Be Part of the 2021 MQii Performance Benchmark Report

Call for Data: Submit Performance Data by 7/31 to Be Part of the 2021 MQii Performance Benchmark Report

June 21, 2021


Did you know? Tier 1-level participants* in the MQii Learning Collaborative have the opportunity to contribute data on the malnutrition electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) and on patient outcomes that are benchmarked at the aggregate Learning Collaborative level. The performance benchmark report provides many benefits to participants, including:

  • For each enrolled hospital, the performance benchmark report provides insights on its performance on the four malnutrition eCQMs as well as length of stay and 30-day readmissions based on its reported data.
  • In addition, the report shows the average Learning Collaborative-wide performance for comparison in addition to stratification by hospital type and size for more direct comparison.
  • The report includes previous years’ data to show how performance has changed over time.
  • There are helpful “star ratings” that show where an individual site’s performance falls along the range of performance.
  • For multi-year participants, the benchmark report shows your average performance on the four eCQMs as well as patient length of stay and 30-day readmissions for malnourished patients and its evolution over time. Therefore, if you reported data in 2020, you will be able to see how your performance has changed since the previous reporting period.

Special Opportunity with COVID-19 Data for Performance Benchmark Report

On April 1, 2020, COVID-19 was officially classified with its own ICD-10 code for tracking diagnoses from patients who are hospitalized and infected with SARS-CoV-2. Through each participant’s reporting of data, we also collect ICD-10 primary and secondary diagnoses codes for each encounter. We will include indicators in your reports that can provide insights regarding the provision of nutrition care to COVID-19 patients.** Therefore, all participants who contribute data after April 2020 will also receive calculated indicators for all patients with a COVID-19 diagnosis (primary or secondary). This information will provide a helpful window into the nutrition care these patients have received and may inform continued efforts for improvement.

Please email Angel Valladares if you would like to contribute performance data prior to the July 31 deadline to participate in the performance feedback benefits outlined above.

*This request is only relevant to Tier 1 participating hospitals who signed a Tier 1 participation agreement.

**This assumes sufficient minimum cases are available in the reported data to calculate performance indicators.

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