ASPEN 2022 Abstract Submission

ASPEN 2022 Abstract Submission

August 9, 2021


ASPEN 2022 Nutrition Science and Practice Conference is now accepting abstract submissions through September 29. The conference will take place from March 26—29, 2022, in Seattle, WA, and virtually. ASPEN is accepting 3 types of abstracts:

  • Original abstracts (unpublished basic or clinical research and data, practice abstracts, retrospective studies, vignettes, or case studies)
  • Encore abstracts
  • International abstracts

The abstracts may represent 6 different topic areas:

  • Parenteral nutrition therapy
  • Enteral nutrition therapy
  • Malnutrition, obesity, nutrition practice concepts and issues
  • Critical care and critical health issues
  • GI and other nutrition- and metabolic-related topics
  • Pediatric/neonatal/pregnancy/lactation

You can read more and submit on ASPEN’s website.

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