New Article About Malnutrition Interventions from MQii Leadership Team

New Article About Malnutrition Interventions from MQii Leadership Team

June 7, 2021


Anghel et al. recently published a paper about the connections between RDNs’ assessment and physicians’ malnutrition diagnoses and how such connections (or differences) affect inpatient nutrition interventions. In “Identifying patients with malnutrition and improving use of nutrition interventions: A quality study in four US hospitals,” the authors (including MQii Leadership Team members) investigated how specific nutrition interventions were implemented at four hospitals, compared rates of malnutrition diagnosis and assessment between physicians and RDNs, and how these differences impacted the nutrition intervention patients received during their hospital stays. While they found high agreement between assessment and malnutrition diagnosis (suggesting positive malnutrition care coordination at the study hospitals), there is significant room for improvement in providing interventions to diagnosed malnourished inpatients–such as the quality improvement projects our Learning Collaborative members are implementing in their institutions. Future research should further explore these similarities and differences in recommended nutrition interventions, how they are informed by patient diagnosis, and how they impact patient outcomes.

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