Recent ASPEN Webinar About Nutrition Implications of Long-COVID

ASPEN recently offered a webinar titled, “Nutrition Implications of Long COVID,” and the recording is now freely available online. The expert medical presenters reviewed the epidemiology, pathophysiology, and nutrition complications of long COVID; examined the role of nutritional supplements in the prevention and treatment of long COVID; and explained the nutritional components of persistent inflammation, […]

New Articles About Malnutrition Quality Improvement in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Members of the MQii leadership team have recently published 2 papers about the importance of nutrition-focused quality improvement programs in skilled nursing facilities: “The Case for Malnutrition Quality Measures and Nutrition-Focused Quality Improvement Programs (QIPs) in US Skilled Nursing Facilities“ “Prevalence Rates and Characteristics of Malnutrition, Frailty, and Other Nutrition and Muscle Mass-Related Conditions Document […]

New Policy Advocate Toolkits from Defeat Malnutrition Today

Defeat Malnutrition Today and Women in Government have just released its two latest policy toolkits, “Policy Opportunities for Nutrition Care and Healthy Aging: A Federal Advocacy Toolkit” and “Policy Opportunities for Nutrition Care and Healthy Aging: A Toolkit for Federal Legislators.” Drawing largely from the “National Blueprint: Achieving Quality Malnutrition Care for Older Adults, 2020 […]

New Articles About Opportunities to Address Malnutrition Through Medicare

A few articles focused on opportunities to address malnutrition and food insecurity (including mention of the MQii) have recently been published: “Opportunities to Improve Quality Outcomes: Integrating Nutrition Care Into Medicare Advantage to Address Malnutrition and Support Social Determinants of Health” in The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing “Medicare offers new path […]

New Article About Malnutrition Diagnostic Tools

A recent review article in Nutrition in Clinical Practice presented a review of the four primary malnutrition diagnostic tools. In “Key Approaches to Diagnosing Malnutrition in Adults,” Malone and Mogensen present background on these methodologies (as well as overlap among them) to assist clinicians in choosing their approach to diagnose malnutrition. Following this information, they […]

New Review Article About Malnutrition Screening and Diagnostic Tools

A recent review article in Nutrition in Clinical Practice identified nutrition screening tools and malnutrition diagnosis tools currently used in acute care settings across the US. In “Malnutrition screening and diagnosis tools: Implications for practice,” authors Mary House and Caitlin Gwaltney argue that malnutrition is a burdensome and costly condition that could be better managed […]

Happy National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day!

On Wednesday, March 9, we celebrate Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day in recognition of our nation’s food and nutrition experts who are committed to improving the health of their patients, clients, and communities. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day and National Nutrition Month promote the Academy and RDNs to the public and the media as the most valuable […]

New Article About Nutrition Risk and Food Insecurity

An article by Dr. Monica Esquivel about food insecurity interventions being key means to improve nutrition status (and thereby reduce risk for or treat malnutrition) was recently published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. Titled, “Addressing Food Insecurity to Optimize Nutritional Status,” Dr. Esquivel argues for the importance of addressing food insecurity to improve health […]

Upcoming 2022 NANASP Annual Training Conference

The National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Programs (NANASP)’ 2022 Annual Training Conference will take place from May 24–26 in Austin, TX. NANASP is a national membership organization working to provide older adults healthful food and nutrition through community-based services. For those of you seeking to work more closely and effectively with community-based partners to […]

Recent Podcast on Malnutrition Diagnoses and Nutrition Support

A recent podcast produced by ASPEN featured Jay Mirtallo and Wendy Phillips (member of the MQii Advisory Committee) speaking about their recent publication in Nutrition in Clinical Practice, which was titled, “Update on Use of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition in Hospitalized Patients with a Diagnosis of Malnutrition in the United States.” In this podcast and […]

New White Paper on Nutrition and Healthy Aging

Beneo recently published a white paper titled, “Healthy Ageing: Beyond The Usual Advice To Eat Well And Stay Active.” It includes an overview of the roles of nutrition and activity in various areas of health and disease–including frailty and malnutrition–and suggested patterns for optimizing health. This summary may be helpful for you when educating colleagues […]

Grant Opportunities for Nutrition Professionals

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation is currently accepting applications for select recognition, continuing education, program development, and international awards from practicing and student members. The Foundation accepts applications for these awards on an annual basis, although select award opportunities may be made available throughout the year. All applications have a deadline of February […]

Nutrition and COVID-19 Recovery Knowledge Hub Linked on Website

The University of Plymouth (in the UK) has published a knowledge hub about nutrition and COVID-19 recovery. Hosted by the University of Plymouth and supported by the British Dietetic Association, the hub provides evidence-based nutritional resources, advice on symptoms, and answers to common questions online. It is suited for both healthcare professionals and the general […]

Healthy Aging Virtual Conference 2022

Registration is now open for the Healthy Aging Virtual Conference 2022. Presentation topics include “Optimizing Nutrition Care for the Aging Brain,” “Oral Health in Older Adults,” and more. Learning about optimal nutrition for these various areas of health will help your team to best prevent malnutrition (or manage, as needed) among your patient population. Early […]

New Evidence Analysis Center Scoping Review About Malnutrition Prevention and Treatment

A new scoping review titled, “Nutrition Assessment and Interventions for the Prevention and Treatment of Malnutrition in Older Adults: An Evidence Analysis Center Scoping Review,” has been published in JAND. The authors identify the best available research evaluating the validity and reliability of nutrition assessment tools and the effectiveness of nutrition interventions to prevent or treat […]

Reminder to Sign 2022 Participation Agreements

This is a reminder for our continuing Tier 1 (or data-sharing) Learning Collaborative participants to send a signed amendment to continue to share data and receive feedback/benchmark reports and for new Tier 1 members to sign and send a full participation agreement as soon as possible. Our primary contacts at each site received an email about […]

New Tier 1 Data-Reporting Calendar

We have developed a new calendar for the timeline for our Tier 1 (or data-sharing) members to send us their deidentified data to receive performance feedback and benchmark reports. You can view the calendar in the Member Area on our website, found via the button under the “Participant Tools” panel on the right side of […]

American Society for Nutrition 2022 Virtual Conference Abstract Submissions

ASN’s Nutrition 2022 conference has opened opportunities for abstract submissions. You may submit abstracts for oral or poster presentations that address new research, methods, protocols, or a case study vignette. The submission deadline is February 14, 2022. We encourage you to consider developing an abstract based on findings from your MQii projects; please let our […]

New Podcast on Malnutrition and Cancer

Dietitian Connection recently recorded a podcast on malnutrition and cancer. Titled, “Cancer-Related Malnutrition: a Multidisciplinary Approach,” the podcast featured three dietitians from Australia who spoke about screening, assessment, and treatment of cancer-related malnutrition and sarcopenia across different practice settings. They also explained the importance of the multidisciplinary team in providing quality and comprehensive care to […]

American Society for Nutrition 2022 Virtual Conference Opportunities

ASN recently announced that it will host NUTRITION 2022 virtually in June 2022, with learning and networking events occurring throughout the year. Events will include a “Clinical and Translational Nutrition” track that may be relevant to your work and there is an “Aging and Chronic Disease Research Interest Section” that you may be interested in […]